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4.54 Star Rating
336 reviews
Current Resident2 weeks ago
"BWC is an excellent place to live. The staff is very responsive to needs and concerns. Information about community events or repairs is shared in a timely manner."
Current Resident2 weeks ago
"I really like my apartment and Bell Walkers as a whole. The whole complex is intelligently designed, attractive and spacious. It is very easy to lead the quiet life that I crave. The main office is pleasant to deal with in person or by phone amd ultra responsive. The maintenance team is a model of what all apartment complexes should offer their residents, and every problem I have called in about in the two years have lived here has been handled with dispatch."
Current Resident2 weeks ago
"Friendliest and sincere stuff can make living enjoyable and pleasant."
Mary F.3 weeks ago
"Kaylee, our leasing consultant for the visit, was wonderful! So kind, understanding, and informative. The grounds were beautiful and well manicured. Overall, very welcoming!"
Dennis N.3 weeks ago
"In the busy and hectic world and communities we live in, Bell Walkers Crossing is a welcoming oasis in the middle of it all. From the friendly staff in the apartment office to the maintenance crew who cares for our every need, to the beautiful and well kept grounds. Bell Walkers Crossing truly gives me cause to say, "I am home"."
Current Resident1 month ago
"All the office staff are very nice and helpful."
Current Resident1 month ago
"i like my apartment and the location."
Brandon R.1 month ago
"Staff is on top of maintenance requests or any other questions you have, always super friendly and nice. Apartments are great. Very spacious and well taken care of."
Current Resident2 months ago
"Great staff. Definitely enjoy dealing with them."
Connie D.2 months ago
"The entire staff and maintenance crew at Bell Walkers Crossing are great to respond to my needs. I observed the work they did to lay down ice to keep everyone safe during the snow. What an awesome team! Their dedication to safety and security makes living here well worth it."
Leon S.2 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is a wonderful place to live. We count our blessings every day for the incredible team we have to rely on!"
Current Resident2 months ago
"Beautiful apartment units at the best location ever. Parks, greenways, and easy access to I-40."
Sharon F.2 months ago
"My husband and I love living at Bell Walker Complex. Staff is very friendly and courteous..willing to assist with any questions or concerns.."
Current Resident2 months ago
"Excellent attention and service by the staff encharge"
Emma D.2 months ago
"Bell Walker's Crossing was my number one pick for a new apartment. The pool area is amazing, the apartments are a great size, and everything is super well-maintained and clean. Very impressive!"
Jacqueline J.3 months ago
"I love living here the staff is great"
Glen K.3 months ago
"I have lived at Bell Walker Crossing since 2021. Everyone who works at Bell Crossing is exceptional. Highly recommend living here. Exceptionally quiet community!"
Current Resident3 months ago
"Very nice community and convenient location"
Current Resident3 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is in an excellent location close to key transportation routes and shopping and business amenities. The complex is very well maintained, clean, and the pricing is competitive. The leasing staff is very professional and courteous and respond quickly to requests."
Daniel B.3 months ago
"It looks nice on the outside but I have lived more peacefully in much lower priced properties."
Connie D.3 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is the perfect place to live. Maintenance responds in a timely manner. They go above and beyond what is asked of them, and they are always friendly."
Carolyn F.4 months ago
"I am so happy I chose a Bell Walkers Crossing for my apartment. Its been an excellent welcoming to the Knoxville community. Cant wait to use the pool!"
Glen K.4 months ago
"Excellent Office and Maintenance Staff"
Current Resident4 months ago
"So far, it's an amazing apartment complex. The best I have ever lived in."
Douglas E.4 months ago
"Management, leasing staff, and maintenance staff are the Best."
Elizabeth P.4 months ago
Current Resident5 months ago
"My decision to move to Bell Walkers Crossing is confirmed every time I need something attended to by maintenance. The main office and the maintenance people know their job well and are a pleasure to deal with."
Leon S.5 months ago
"Bell Walkers is an A+ apartment community with an awesome staff and maintenance team. Very dog friendly, and people friendly too!!! Just love the Greenways and how close you are to literally EVERYTHING. Happy to be here!"
Current Resident6 months ago
"I have lived in apartments in several countries. Bell Walkers Crossing has the fastest responding and most reliable maintenance group I have ever encountered. I have called on them several times, and they have always taken care of my problems from replacing a light bulb to replacing my ketchen stove. And they have been unfailingly prompt! They really make living here a smooth experience!"
April H.6 months ago
"Great staff and service !"
Clara A.6 months ago
"I have lived in this community for nineteen plus years. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I am eighty three years old and my daughter would not allow me to live here if she did not think it was safe and my needs were being met. I am very fond of office and maintenance staff. I am always treated with respect and kindness."
John A.6 months ago
"Great place, awesome people!"
Dennis N.7 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing's strength as a leading residential community lies in it's staffing. Every one at BWC works very hard to assure total satisfaction of it's residents. From the office staff to the maintenance team, their #1 goal is to see that each resident is satisfied with their community and that we feel safe, comfortable and extremely satisfied being a resident of Bell Walkers Crossing."
Connie D.7 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is a wonderful place to live, if youre looking to live your best life. The area provides beautiful walking trails, and state of the art swimming pool, among other nice amenities. I enjoy the high camaraderie with the office and maintenance staff. So life is good for me at Bell Walkers Crossing."
Leon S.7 months ago
"After living here for over 4 years, we are still extremely happy and content at BWC. Everything about living here is awesome. We would highly recommend BWC ANYTIME!"
Current Resident8 months ago
"The maintenance team at Bell Walkers Crossing responds quickly and with high competence to my calls. And they are very nice people."
Current Resident8 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is in the heart of Knoxville but it doesn't feel like it. The property is surprisingly quiet. The ready access to the Knoxville Greenway is a great feature. The apartments are well laid out; the re is a very efficient use of the space."
Connie D.8 months ago
"Bell Walkers Crossing is my perfect home place. Words almost cant describe how much I love it here and how safe I feel living here."
Betty S.8 months ago
"Apt 1411 I have have been here over 2 years and like it here very much. Staff is very helpful when needed."
Leon S.8 months ago
"We have been living at BWC going on 5 years. We love it!!! From the dog friendly, happy environment, to the outstanding office and maintenance staff, this truly is, apartment living at its best!"
Mindy H.8 months ago
"Bell Walker's Crossing is the best apartment home I have ever had. This place is truly home! It is very peaceful and others respect one another here. This is my second time living here and I LOVE IT!"
Current Resident8 months ago
"Lovely community with friendly staff and residents. Many social events to help meet others!"
Current Resident9 months ago
"The staff and maintenance crew are very helpful"
Current Resident9 months ago
"I give Bell Walkers Crossing high marks for thre quality of life I have living here. The facility is well designed, beautiful and solidly constructed. Office workers and maintenance personnel are a pleasure to deal with."
Connie D.9 months ago
"Living at Bell Walkers Crossing has been the best decision I made, and my living arrangements are perfect. The beautiful view of the neighborhood, the best maintenance and office staff makes this area the most wonderful living experience."
Leah W.10 months ago
"Wonderful place to live! Best staff in the business."
Dennis N.10 months ago
"My wife and I have been extremely pleased with Bell Walkers Crossing for several years now. The staff is always welcoming and they listen to any comments or concerns we may have. When there is a need for service the maintenance team has never failed us. They are prompt, thorough and very professional. When you see a member of the staff expect to be greeted with a smile. It has been a joy calling Bell Walker Crossing home."
Christina L.10 months ago
"This place is amazing!! Ive lived in many apartments in my time, and this is the ONLY one with staff that actually care about their residents. The process was super smooth, quick, and easy. The area is also perfect as the parking lot has sidewalks that branch out into a church on one side and the greenway on the other. And the best part has gotta be the HUGE BATHTUB! I honestly love it here so much and cant recommend it enough."
Jose R.10 months ago
"Bell walkers crossing is a very clean, well maintained community. It provides the necessary and goes beyond basic needs when it comes to amenities. Staff is responsibe, knowledgeable, and helpful. Every community has issues but I fail to find any here. Rates are higher than average but well worth it."
Leon S.10 months ago
"Having lived here at Bell Walkers Crossing for over 4 years now, we have found that it is absolutely AMAZING. Friendly, caring, safe and having everything at your fingertips is just the icing on the cake, being a resident of this wonderful community. We love living here, and consider ourselves a permanent fixture at Bell Walkers!! We can feel the love!"
John A.10 months ago
"Wonderful apartments! Great staff and very smart and resourceful maintenance team!"
Current Resident10 months ago
"I have lived at Bell Walkers Crossing for two years and consider this apartment complex the best designed and managed that I have lived in. Both the front office and maintenance are unfailingly responsive."
Betty S.11 months ago
"Apt 1411 I am very happy with my apt and living here. I looked at other apts but chose Bell Walkers because of the floor plan, amount of storage, overall look of complex and convenience to things I do and go to. I live alone and feel quite safe here. And the staff has been very nice and helpful. Thanks to all."
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